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Pediatric Consultants of Lenoir City

Is Your Child Sick?™

Illness & SymptomsInformation on everything from Abdominal Pain, Chickenpox, Head Injury, Sunburn, Vomiting, and everything in between. Info >>
Medicine & DosagesAcetaminophen, Cold & Cough, Ibuprofen, Allergies, and more...Info >>
Medical ConditionsYou can find info on almost every medical condition from A to Z here.Info >>
TeensAcne, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Ringworm, Smoking, Tattoos, Tinea (ringworm infection).Info >>
Newborn InformationColic, Feeding Your Baby, Newborn Characteristics, Sleeping.Info >>
Breast FeedingCollecting and Storing Breast Milk, Getting Started, Herbs to Avoid While Nursing, Sore Nipples, Thrush, Weaning, and more...Info >>
BehaviorAngry Child, Bedtime Hassles, Bed-wetting, Biting, Age-Appropriate Chores, Defiance, Disrespect, Fears, Hitting (Spanking), Refuse to Listen, Lying, Mealtime Hassles, Morning Hassles, Self-Esteem, Sibling Rivalry, Temper Tantrums, Whining, etc...Info >>
Special Needs ChildrenCommunity Support (include schools, support groups), Financial Resources, Medical Information, Resources (for Parents, Siblings, and Patients)Info >>
Whats Going Around?Allergies, Bronchiolitis (and RSV), Chickenpox, Colds and Upper Respiratory Infections, Cough, Croup, Enterovirus, Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease, Influenza, Mouth Blisters (Herpangina), Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Pink Eye, Strep Throat, Upper Respiratory Infection, Vomiting and Diarrhea.Info >>
Parenting TipsBedtime, Dinnertime, Encouraging Your Child, Chores, Picky Eaters, Potty Training, Sibling Rivalry, and more.. Info >>
Sports & ExerciseCare of the Young AthleteInfo >>
Immunization ScheduleFind out info on the vaccines your child will need and when they will need to get each vaccine. Info >>
NutritionBreastfeeding, Food Allergies, Eating Problems, Health Eating, and more.Info >>
Growth & DevelopmentBright Futures milestone handouts.Info >>
SafetyHow to keep your children safe.Info >>

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